Kevin Becerra

Kevin Becerra has settled at ArtsEmerson as Artistic Engagement Manager after moving all over the country working in new play development. Previous positions include National New Play Network Producer in Residence at Actor’s Express in Atlanta and Allen Lee Hughes New Play Producing Fellow at Arena Stage in Washington, DC. Trained as a Dramaturg in the BFA program at University of Arizona, he is currently spending much less time with scripts and a whole lot more time creating spaces for conversation.



  • Celebrating Our Imperfections: A Conversation with Adina Tal of Israel’s Nalaga’at Center
    No amount of research or conversation can quite prepare you for a play where eleven deaf-blind actors are telling their own stories and dreams while baking bread. Adina Tal is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Nalaga’at Center in Tel Aviv and the director of "Not by Bread Alone". In a conversation with ArtsEmerson, Adina said that once you see the brave artistry of these actors, you have a new sense of your own potential and the potential of those around you. It is a truly unique theatrical experience born from years of work in developing new ways for the actors to express themselves.

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  • 2015 LTC Carnaval Breakout Session Reflections
    A report out on 2015 LTC Carnaval Breakout Sessions on advocacy, artmaking, convening/networking, and scholarship.
  • On Putting Raisins and Black Olives in Pork Tamales and Living the Latina/o Theatre Commons
    Kevin Becerra explores becoming comfortable in his identity as a Latino who speaks more Yiddish than Spanish.
  • Artistic Engagement at ArtsEmerson
    Boston’s neighborhoods, some of whose origins can be traced to the 1630s, have been home to myriad political and cultural shifts over the centuries—a concept that blew my California-raised mind. It was somewhat intimidating to move to a city with such a wonderful and complex past and getting charged with the task of creating spaces for conversation across the various communities.
  • My First Humana
    Growing up on the west coast, the Humana Festival at Actors Theatre of Louisville always felt a million miles away. Somewhere beyond the horizon in the land of fried chicken and American horse racing was a hot bed of new work that drew audiences and theater practitioners from around the...