Daniel Fine

Daniel Fine is a designer, scholar, and technologist working in immersive, digital/physical environments for interactive users, audiences and live performance. He is a visiting Assistant Professor of Communication Arts at Benedictine University at Mesa. Daniel’s international work ranges from small-scale installations to large-scale architectural video mapping, including stereoscopic 3D projections. He is the founder of WONDER DOME, a touring performance dome where narrative is explored across the arts and sciences by mixing live performance with cinema, gaming, Human-Computer-Interaction, and cutting edge digital technology. Daniel holds a MFA in Interdisciplinary Digital Media for Performance from Arizona State University, where he was a fellow at The Center for Science and the Imagination. Learn more at www.danielfine.net.


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  • Media Design in the Rehearsal Hall Part 1
    In the third installment of his media design series, Daniel Fine distinguishes effective ways to utilize media in the rehearsal room.
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    In the second installment of his media design series, Daniel Fine discusses the important connection between media design and dramaturgy in effective storytelling onstage.
  • What is Media Design?
    In the first installment of his series on media design, Daniel Fine defines media design and traces the history of design and technology in theatre.